Med-Law Solutions, Inc.
The missing piece to your puzzle.


Legal nurse consulting is the extension of over 25 years of nursing experience ranging from the small town hospital staff nurse working ER, OB, Med-Surg. & CCU; Director of Nursing at a Skilled Care Geriatrics Facility; and Medical Services Specialist in the insurance claims industry.  I am certified in Legal Nurse Consulting and Medicare Set Aside Consulting.  I previously held a Geriatric Nursing Certification.  My experience allows me to help attorneys piece the puzzle together to get an accurate picture of the case. 

  1. Assist the attorney with initial case screenings.

  2. Identify standards of care, causation and damage issues.

  3. Assist in clarifying relatedness issues.

  4. Conduct research and summarize medical literature.

  5. Identify and apply multidisciplinary standards of care and regulatory requirements.

  6. Prepare chronologies or narrative summaries of medical events and compare and correlate them to the allegations.

  7. Provide education regarding medical facts and issues relevant to the case or office needs.

  8. Identify and determine damages and related costs of services.

  9. Assist with depositions and trials, including developing and preparing exhibits.

  10. Assist with client, attorney, provider and/or expert witness communication.

  11. Organize medical records and locate and procure demonstrative evidence.

  12. Collaborate in preparing or analyzing complaints, demand letters, settlement brochures or briefs.

  13. Assist in determining Medicare Secondary Payor and Medicare Set Aside issues.

  14. Assure and assist in Medicare compliance with all Medicare communication.

  15. Attend IME or pertinent exams with your clients.

Services provided to save you time and money on your case:

Denise Reck, RN, LNCC, MSCC

Located in Northwest Iowa.  Registered Nurse License in Iowa and Minnesota, reciprocity in South Dakota.